Supporting Documentation Requirements

The required supporting documentation for all expenses being claimed includes:

  • Original cash register receipts for travel expenses, meals, supplies, materials and any other expenses for which a cash register receipt can be reasonably expected. 
  • Banking or credit card records in conjunction with a statement or invoice, showing the breakdown or nature of goods or services purchased, billed to you from a third party and indicating receipt of payment. When submitting bank or credit card statements you should black out or delete all information that is not relevant to the claim being made.
  • Printed online payment confirmations showing at least your name and date paid.

Please note that meal receipts must be an original itemized receipt. A credit or debit card receipt is not acceptable. Meals claimed must exclude any charges for alcoholic beverages.  The following are not considered sufficient proof of payment for reimbursement purposes because they do not typically include the details necessary to prove the eligibility or nature of the goods/services to be reimbursed.

  • Neither credit card statements nor credit card slips, on their own, are acceptable substitutes for an original itemized receipt. 
  • Packing or delivery slips. 
  • A copy of a cheque written to a vendor.