King's recognizes the importance of the privacy, confidentiality, security and maintenance of each student's academic record and endorses Western University’s official Student Record Information Privacy Policy as well as all relevant legislation including The Freedom of Information Act and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Using the definitions of this policy, the term “student” may refer to prospective applicant, applicant, current student, alumnus or alumna or former student.

King’s may release statistical information drawn from student academic records provided that the information does not disclose the identity of individual students.

Information Contained in Official Student Academic Records

Official Student Academic Records, in electronic or paper form, contain the following information relating to at student’s application, admission, and performance at the University:

  • Personal information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone, date of birth, citizenship, social insurance number, student number, photograph, etc.);
  • Basis of admission information (application, record of previous studies, letters of recommendation, test results, etc.);
  • Registration and enrolment information (programs of study, dates of attendance, academic load, courses taken, credits transferred, etc.);
  • Performance information (grades, averages and ranks, narrative evaluations, clinical evaluations, distinctions/awards, special permissions, academic counselling information, degrees obtained, requirements to withdraw, scholastic offence decisions*, etc.);
  • Decisions relating to academic appeals/petitions;
  • Decisions against a student, including appeal decisions, under the Code of Student Conduct;
  • Medical information given to a Faculty related to a student’s performance that is provided by or collected with the consent of the student; and
  • Financial information (tuition fees and other charges, payments, awards, debts, library fines or other fines, etc.).

The following information is not considered to form part of the Official Student Academic Record and is not covered by the provisions of this policy:

  • Medical information provided to Student Health Services;
  • Information relating to the employment by the University of current students, alumni/ae or former students;
  • Information relating to special needs, personal counselling or other services collected by the Dean of Students is with the consent of the student and secured appropriately in both paper and electronic form;
  • Information other than the basic demographic data that is maintained by or on behalf of Alumni and Development/King's University College FoundationThe Alumni Office/Foundation maintains confidential computerized files and paper records. The electronic information is protected by passwords and paper records are placed in locked cabinets. Only the office of the President and the Office of Alumni Affairs/Foundation have access to this information. No information will be released without prior consent;-information on counselling notes and academic records of students requesting academic counselling services, as well as the records of students on academic probation or seeking exchange or letters of permission opportunities, are secured in the Office of the Academic Dean. These materials may only be accessed by the Academic Dean, Associate Academic Dean, Academic Counsellors and Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean;
  • The Student Financial Services Office maintains confidential computer files and paper records of a student’s financial and government aid records. The electronic information is protected by passwords and paper records are kept in a secure area. Information is only accessed by members of the Student Financial Services Office and Finance Department. However, Student Financial Services and the Finance Department may be required by law to share confidential information with government agencies.    

Student's Access to His/Her Own Academic Record:

Each student has a general right to examine and make copies of his or her own academic record with the assistance of any member of the Enrolment Services. Each student has the right to challenge the accuracy of his or her academic record and the right to supplement the files with comments.

A student does not have a general right to materials contained in a file concerning disciplinary matters. A student does not have a right of access to documents submitted in confidence such as confidential letters of reference or evaluations.

Since the Office of Enrolment Services is the guardian of all student records and must protect the privacy and confidentiality of each student's record, the Office will release select information to individuals in the prescribed manner below:

  1. President's Office (President, Executive Assistant to President) – access to all student records and student information with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  2. The Vice-President & Academic Dean's Office (Vice President, Academic Dean, Associate Academic Dean, Academic Counsellors, Manager of Administrative Affairs, Academic Dean’s Office, Department/Program Assistants, Academic Information Secretaries) – access to all student records and student information.
  3. Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, Director of Social Work, Administrative Assistant to the Director and Admissions Coordinator/King’s College Faculty – access to student records system or computer printout for students’ academic records, students' I.D. numbers, addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Faculty Secretaries – access to students' I.D. numbers, addresses and phone numbers with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  5. Dean of Students' Office – access to students' I.D. numbers, addresses, phone numbers, with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services. Select academic information, such as timetables and course registration information is available to Dean of Students, Secretary to Dean of Students and Coordinator/Counsellor - Students with Disabilities, Disabilities Assistant for both special needs and bursary programs.
  6. International Student Services Office – Manager and Assistant Manager, International Student Services and Exchange Programs have full access to student records to assist with counselling and exchange program requirements.
  7. Student Financial Services Office – All members of SFS may receive confirmation of students’ academic load and status. The Vice-President, Finance and Support Service, Student Financial Services Officer, Student Financial Services Clerk, Assistant Student Financial Services Officer and Student Financial Aid Coordinator have access to all student records as needed.
  8. Library (Director of Libraries, Associate Librarian, Head, Research and Information Services, Information Services Assistant (Research), Information Services Assistant (Circulation and Stacks Maintenance), Information Services Assistant (Circulation and Reserves) – access to students' I.D. numbers, addresses, phone numbers with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  9. Physical Plant (Director of Physical Plant, Receptionist, Security) – access to students' addresses, phone numbers with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services. Upon the request of policing organization, the Director of Physical Plant may require date of birth information with the assistance of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  10. Alumni/King's University College Foundation (Executive Director, Manager of Development,  Alumni and Development Officer, Executive Assistant, Development and Alumni Assistant, Office and Stewardship Manager) – access to information about period of enrolment, degree studies, address, phone number of any alumni, or current or prospective student with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  11. Campus Ministry (Chaplain, Administrative Assistant) – access to period of enrolment, program in progress or degree granted, address, phone number.
  12. Communications/Media Relations (Manager, Communications Assistant) – access to period of enrolment, program in progress or degree granted, address, phone number with assistance of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  13. UWO Faculty, Decanal and Advising Personnel – access to contents of file including scholastic offences information if included in student’s file (see Senate Policy S.97-187), and addresses and phone numbers of students who have approved release of this information, confirmation of registration of King's students with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  14. Students – access to addresses and phone numbers of students who have approved release of this information with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services.
  15. Outside Agencies – access to addresses and phone numbers of students who have approved release of this information with assistance of any member of the Office of Enrolment Services. A confirmation of registration will be given upon the approval of the Vice-President, Enrolment Services or designate. Information may be released to a third party:
    -  with the student's consent;
    -  on the presentation of a court order, or otherwise under compulsion of law;
    -  in accordance with the requirements of professional licensing or certification bodies;
    -  to other educational institutions;
    -  pursuant to an investigation of possible misrepresentation concerning an individual’s references, attendance, performance, status within, or completion of an academic program at the University or at another academic institution; 
    -  in compassionate or emergency situations, as determined by the custodian of the information;
    -  in other circumstances set out in the University’s Guidelines on Access to Information and Protection of Privacy or as permitted under applicable federal or provincial legislation.

The College will maintain a record of occasions on which information from the student record is provided to a third party.

  1. General Public Enquiries – any requests for student information must be made directly to the Registrar or designate. However, the following is considered to be public information and, therefore, is not subject to the policy constraining disclosure:
    - full name;
    - the college, school, faculty or other division in which the student is enrolled or registered;
    - the sessions in which the student is or has been registered;
    - degrees, diplomas or certificates received and graduation date;
    - academic or other University/College honors or distinction.
  1. Date of Birth;
  2. Social Insurance Number;
  3. Marital Status;
  4. Personal notes in students' files of the Vice-President and Academic Dean, Associate Academic Dean, Academic Counsellors, Vice-President of Enrolment Services, Associate Registrar, Admissions and Liaison Officers;
  5. Sealed materials in academic file;
  6. Confidential materials in academic file.

Note: Information may be released by power of a court order or if required by a professional licensing authority or board of certification or similar institution. *See 8. Physical Plant

Custody, Storage and Retention of Official Student Academic Records

King’s maintains Official Student Academic Records in electronic or paper form. Electronic records contain information required to monitor the progress and performance of students, produce periodic performance reports, and provide attestations of achievement and official transcripts of academic records. They also form the basis of management information needed for the operation of the College and for enrollment reports and statistical information required by government agencies. All portions of the electronic student academic record needed to produce official transcripts are maintained indefinitely. 

* Access to and disclosure of any information relating to a scholastic offence that is not recorded on a student’s transcript, such as a decision letter, is governed by Senate regulations and not this policy (see “Release of Information Concerning Scholastic Offences” in the Academic Calendar).

March 2015