Academic Dean

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Counselling filesname, student number, issues discussed, correspondence, notesuntil graduation
Academic Difficulty files (includes on probation, appeals, readmission, academic offences)name, student number, issues discussed, correspondence, notesuntil graduation
Special student filesname, student number, application, notes, correspondenceend of registration
Scholarships and awardsname, student number, application, notes, correspondenceindefinitely

Alumni / Foundation

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Alumni Files ( includes alumni, guests, students, friends, corporations)name, address, email, class year, giving history, correspondence, employment information, volunteer informationindefinitely
Raiser's Edge electronic database (includes students, parents, volunteers, donors, friends, guests, corporations, donor organizationsname, address, email,  business information, marital status and spouse information, giving history, relationship information, event attendance, degree information, awards, honors and designations, volunteer historyindefinitely
Donor files (includes alumni, parents, corporations, foundations, individuals)name, address, email, donation information, correspondence, promotions, mass appeals scholarship and bursary informationindefinitely
Tax Receiptsname, address, donation amount, date gift received and receipted, fund designation, pledge informationseven years
Foundation Depositsname, address, donation information, date gift received and receipted, fund and campaign designation, constituency code, pledge informationseven years


Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Payroll files (electronic and paper) of all employeesname, address, gender, age, marital status, employee number, compensation, benefits, income tax exemptionsduring years of employment and two years following
Student financial files (electronic and paper)name, address, gender, age, osap eligibility, number of courses, awards, charges and payments, banking or credit card informationduring years of attendance and two years following

Human Resources

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Employee filesresume/CV, offer of employment/contract change in status (grade, promotion), performance evaluations, correspondence, recognition information, job description, attendance, vacation records, certificates, doctor's notes, emergency contact infoduring years of employment and six years following
Health and Safety Committee Reports and Recordsminutes, reports, audits, incident reportsindefinitely
Confidential Directoryname, address, email, title, spouse nameannual directory during employment

Information Technology Services

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Web Access Database

list of users, real name, user name, password, email

duration of employment
or study
Workstation Authenticity
user name, passwordsduration of employment


Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Student Staff Filesname, student number, contract, address, resume, emergency contact infoone year after last term of employment
Users' Databasename, user category (staff, student, faculty, alumni, guest), email, addressduring attendance or employment or guest privilege

Physical Plant

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Security Reportsname, contact information (if applicable) incident reportone year
Parking Recordsname, address, email, employee or student number, motor vehicle information, parking permit, financial informationone year

Enrolment Services

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Applicants' filesname, date of birth, citizenship, address, email, educational history, telephone, test/grade results, correspondence, student number, letters of referenceone year, or if accepted and registers, indefinitely
Student Academic Recordsname, date of birth, address, student number cumulative academic record, progression information, correspondence, awards, transcripts, adjudication and gradesindefinitely
Scholarship and Awardsname, email, address, application, transcripts, resumes, letters of reference, essays indefinitely

School of Social Work

Information BankInformation MaintainedRetention
Applicants' filesname, email, address, educational history, test/grade results, correspondence, resume, personal statement, letters of reference, student numberone year, or if accepted and registers, indefinitely
Student academic recordsname, email, address, student number, cumulative academic records, cumulative academic record, progression information, correspondence, adjudication and grades, practicum application, evaluations, records, release of information formone year, or if accepted and registers, indefinitely

Dean of Students' Office

Code of Conduct Complaint and Hearing Filesname, student number, email, address, correspondence, reportsdispose one year after graduation of student or one year after leaving 
Code of Conduct Sanctionrecord of sanction is placed in student academic recordindefinitely
Residence Rules Appealsname, student number, email, address, correspondence, reportsdispose two years after final term in residence
Personal counselling filesname, email, student number, address, correspondence, notes minimum of ten years
Disability record filesname, email, student number, address, academic load information, correspondence, assessment, notesminimum of ten years
Residence student database and paper filesname, email, student number, address, correspondence, emergency contact infoten years for electronic database, one year after last term of residence for paper
Photo files of residence studentsname,  student numberten years
Residence student staff filesname, application, contract, student number, address, resume, letters of reference, emergency contact infoone year after last term of employment