Group Study Rooms

Eight group study rooms of various sizes are available to those who wish to work collaboratively but quietly. Reservations are made online by an individual in the group. Each person is limited to one reservation per day for a maximum of two hours. Group Study Room keys are checked out at the Service Desk.  

Many of the group study rooms have additional resources and audio visual equipment.

Group Study Room

Individual Study Rooms

Eight individual study rooms provide an enclosed space for quiet study. Reservations can be made, up to 2 hour time slots, online.  

AV Rooms

Two AV rooms allow one or two individuals to view or listen to media. Reservations can be made online.  Keys are signed out at the Service Desk in 2 hour time  slots.                                                                                         

Access Labs

Three Access Labs, equipped by King’s Services for Students with Disabilities, are available. Access Lab 1 is located on the Main floor; Access Lab 2 on the 2nd floor and Access Lab 3 in the King Centre (Rm. 118). Keys are signed out at the Service Desk in 2 hour time slots, by students whose Western ONECard bears a current SSD sticker.

Personal Items
Personal items left unattended in any library study room will be removed and kept at the Service Desk until collected by the owner.

All keys signed out at the Service Desk are subject to overdue fines and to replacement charges if lost or damaged.

Group Study Room Capacity and AV Equipment
Study Room     Capacity     Equipment  Location
A 2     LCD Monitor, DVD, White board   Main floor
B 2     LCD Monitor, White board       Main floor
C 2     LCD Monitor, White board      Main floor
D 4     LCD Monitor, DVD/VHS,
    HDMI and VGA Connections; Chalk board
  Main floor
E 4     LCD Monitor, DVD, VCR,
    HDMI and VGA Connections; Chalk board
  Main floor
F 2     LCD Monitor, White board       2nd floor
G 1     N/A  2nd floor
AV1 1     Television, DVD   Main floor
AV2 1     Television, DVD   Main floor

   Note:   HDMI cables are available at the Service desk