An overview of Papercut can be found here:

Printing from a Personal Device

    The instructions given below are shown for Windows OS, using a Chrome browser. Your installation details may vary depending on your system and browser, but the steps will be similar.

    1. Click to Download the Mobility Print Installer at

    2. Open the file when downloaded

    3. Click Next though the prompts, accepting the license agreement and adding the printer KUCPrint.

    4. When prompted, enter your King's or UWO username and password.

    5. When complete, you will not see any new programs installed. Instead, a new printer will have been installed on your computer called KUCPrint.

    6. Choose KUCPrint when printing your documents.

    7. Release your print jobs by approaching any Toshiba Walk-Up Copier and either:

    • physically tapping your employee card, or
    • logging in with your King's or UWO account


    If you experience any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: