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New Microsoft Teams (work or school)

Microsoft Teams launched a public preview of the new app on October 5, 2023 which is now integrated into King’s Administered Teams. It aims to enhance speed and performance while simplifying the user experience with fewer clicks. The app's flexibility is emphasized with improved support for multiple accounts, streamlining collaboration across organizational boundaries. 

Classic Teams vs. New Teams

So, what’s the buzz about this new app? Well, brace yourself for a quicker, sleeker, and more intelligent Teams experience. They’re revamping the app to make it faster while using only half the system resources, as compared to the classic Teams. They're also simplifying the user interface, making it easier to manage notifications, search for stuff, and organize your channels with fewer clicks. But that's not all...


King's Teams and Western Teams

The new Teams app is designed to make our staffs lives easier. You can seamlessly switch between King’s and Western Teams account without the hassle of logging in and out every time. No more having the other account opened in a browser, or using your phone for that one feature – it is all integrated in the King’s Administered Teams.

Teams News Archive

June 2021 - Our work flows are increasingly changing and it's not just because of working from home and COVID-19. Being connected when we're in different areas isn't just a luxury; more and more it's a necessity. That's why King's ITS is introducing King's-Administered Microsoft Teams. Being connected within your department, across departments, and with those at other institutions is all possible using Microsoft Teams. Best of all, there's no new password to remember, you have the support of the King's ITS team, and there's no cost to you or your department.

Teams doesn't replace anything - it can be used in addition to the other technologies offered by King's ITS and being used in your department. It's part of the larger Office 365 environment that has been in testing and has been rolled out in part by King's ITS over the past year. We will continue to expand on these offerings to make working and collaborating easier and more intuitive while providing the security and service levels you expect from us. 

King's-Administered Microsoft Teams solution is different from Western's Teams deployment. We're not currently supporting faculty on the King's Administered Teams as that would only replicate much of the work already completed by Western WTS. Note that you can add faculty members as Guests to a King's-Administered Team by using their account.

Lastly,  the next big things for Microsoft Office 365 at King's is when we move over to it for email, calendaring, and file sharing. This requires more extensive testing as email is mission critical and doing an upgrade to a mail or file-sharing system can require hours of downtime which need to be well planned out. So, keep that in the back of your head while using Teams which  is part of the larger ecosystem of Office 365. Ultimately a lot of this is not being rolled out in the manner that we would normally do - it's going to be more iterative, we'll run into some stumbling blocks, and we'll learn here here and there along the way. 

How to Use Teams 

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