New Students

All first year applicants who receive an offer of academic admission to King’s are offered guarantee residence until the established deadline date (typically near the end of May or early June).  You will receive your offer of residence in your academic offer package.  Residence space may be available after the guarantee deadline date; however, this cannot be  guaranteed. 

  1. Activate your assigned UWO email address. Activation instructions are provided in your Acknowledgement Letter and in your Offer of Admission package. This is the email address to which all email correspondence from Western and King’s University College will be directed.  Once this account is activated, you may forward the emails to this account to your preferred email account.  Be sure to set your preferred account to receive mass emails from King’s and UWO. NOTE:  A 24 hour activation period may be required. 
  2. Follow the application instructions in your offer package.  If you have misplaced these instructions, or require other assistance contact the Residence Office at
  3. Please review the following documents prior to applying to residence.  Submitting an application confirms your agreement to abide by the stipulations of  the Rules of Residence and the Residence Agreement.
    1. Rules of Residence
    2. Residence Agreement
    3. Residence Application Guide
    4. Complete the Residence Application

Upper Year Returning Residents Applications

Current students who wish to re-apply for residence can contact the Residence and Campus life Office at for the application link.

 Tours of Epworth Place and King’s Commons will begin in November. Applications will open in December.

Upper year residence offers the convenience of residence living and optional meal plan choices.

  • 8 month residence agreement (with extensions possible)
  • Furnished accommodations
  • Residence staff support
  • Security support
  • Quick response to maintenance issues
  • Proximity to campus