Throughout your exchange, you are expected to represent King’s and Western by upholding the code of student conduct as an ambassador of King’s.

During and/or when you complete your exchange, you have the opportunity to join the King’s Global Ambassadors Program.

As a King’s Global Ambassador, you will share your exchange experience and assist in promoting opportunities at partner universities by assisting with activities, such as the following:

  • Social media take-overs (while on exchange)
  • Classroom presentations
  • Information sessions and booths
  • Reaching out to departments to share promotional material

Students can also use the time spent in this volunteer role to count towards Category 2 of the Global and Intercultural Engagement Honour. Students must complete in application in Atlas (including a self-assessment and online module) to be eligible:

Students who are going on or have returned from exchange and are interested in participating are welcome to email