Throughout your exchange, you are expected to represent King’s and Western by upholding the code of student conduct as an ambassador of King’s.

When you complete your exchange and come to King’s, you have the opportunity to join the King’s Global Ambassadors Program.

As a King’s Global Ambassador, you will share your exchange experience and assist in promoting opportunities at partner universities by assisting with activities, such as the following:

  • Social media take-overs
  • Classroom presentations
  • Information sessions and booths
  • Reaching out to departments to share promotional material

During COVID, we invite returned exchange students to participate virtually in the program.

Students can also use the time spent in this volunteer role to count towards Category 2 of the Global and Intercultural Engagement Honour. Students must first complete in application in Atlas (including a self-assessment and online module) to be eligible:

Students who have returned from exchange and are interested in participating are welcome to email