Some students, like varsity athletes and international students, find it necessary to move in a few days early.  If you require this consideration, please email Residence@kings.uwo.ca to request permission to move in early.  Requests must be received by August 15.   An additional daily rate is applicable. Food service is not available until the official move-in day. 

What to bring / what to leave at home - Download the Residence Move in Checklist


  • You will be greeted by a VERY enthusiastic group of upper-year students (Sophs).  They will direct you to a parking spot and guide you through the move-in.
  • At the Residence check-in station, you will be given your room number and your keys.
  • After you have settled in your room, you can pick up your O-Week pass.  The O-Week pass allows you to participate in all O-Week activities at King's and Western. 
  • At 1:00 p.m. meet up with the rest of your residence unit for the Residence Welcome........and Orientation week begins!
Tips for a smooth move-in experience:
  • Ensure all is in order with Student Financial Services by the August payment deadline
  • If possible, get your student ID card prior to move in day
  • Remember that King’s will be a busy place that day – lots of people and activities.  It's advisable to say good bye to extended family members and pets at home, and travel to King’s with no more than 2-3 helpers.
  • Ask Sophs and Residence Staff for assistance.  We will do our best to help quickly and efficiently.
  • Take a deep breath!  This is a big day that often carries lots of emotion.  Be patient with others, be supportive of others, and be gentle with yourself.