Question: When do I need to submit an exam request?

Answer: You must submit requests to write term quizzes, tests or exams with SSD-King’s at least 8 days prior to the quiz/slider/exam date by doing one of the following:

Question: Will all my friends find out about my visit with the Accessibility Counsellor?

Answer:  We are bound by a strict code of confidentiality, and information about a student will not be shared without written permission.

Question: I think I have a learning disability but I'm not sure, what do I do?

Answer:  Contact Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development to make an appointment with an Accessibility Counsellor.

Question: Do I have to register with Accessibility Services every year?

Answer:  Yes, you must register with Accessibility Services every new academic session, including Fall/Winter, Intersession and Summer courses in order to receive your academic accommodations.

Question: Why do I need to let Accessibility Services know I added or dropped a course?

Answer:  Accessibility Services is not automatically informed of changes in your course registration.  If you do not inform us of any changes, you will not have accommodations in some of your courses.

Question:  What if I miss an exam for reasons unrelated to my disability (e.g.  illness or bereavement)?

Answer:  You must notify the Academic Dean's Office, your instructor, and Maureen Moore. If the change is related to your disability you must still contact the Academic Dean's Office as well as send an e-mail to your instructor, and copy your Accessibility Counsellor.

Question: Do I need to speak to my professor(s) regarding my disability?

Answer: We encourage you to introduce yourself to your professor(s) and notify them that you are registered with Accessibility Services. There is no need, however for you to disclose details of your disability.