Students who request accommodation through Accessibility Services at King’s University College are required to provide documentation from a professional who is a regulated health practitioner, qualified to diagnose the condition and to comment on associated difficulties and functional limitations that may arise at University or while engaged in course related work.  Disclosure of diagnosis is optional.

There is one standard medical form provided by Accessibility Services, inclusive of ADHD, Mental Health & Psychiatric conditions, as well as Sensory/Physical/Medical Conditions.  This documentation must state the functional implications of the disability, as related to being a University student.  It should support accommodations that are being requested, and specify situations or activities that may worsen a student’s condition.  Documentation that includes recommendations for accommodation(s) is appreciated.

Medical Documentation for Accessibility Services Form

Students with Learning Disabilities must provide a current Psycho-Educational Assessment report completed by a registered Psychologist or Psychological associate.  Generally, a current assessment would be no more than three (3) years old.  Documentation that is older than three (3) years will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Students who have not undergone a recent and thorough Psychological Assessment may receive assistance arranging an assessment from their Accessibility Counsellor.