Attention Students

Student Medical Certificates (SMC) submitted to the Academic Dean’s Office must be signed by a licensed practitioner on or prior to the date for which you have missed a graded component of your course(s) and for which you are seeking accommodation. 

SMCs signed after the date for which you are seeking accommodation will not be accepted.


Accommodation requests can be submitted in-person at the drop-in hours or online using the Accommodation Request Form

Students who miss course component(s), such as a lab or test, for valid reasons can request academic accommodation

How to Request Academic Accommodation:

  1. Review OWL and/or your course outline to look for notes from your instructor regarding accommodation. If the work is worth less than 10% of the overall grade, the course outline may state that the instructor will address the accommodation request. For Final Exam accommodation, see # 6 below.
  2. Send an e-mail to your instructor to inform him/her that you missed a course component. 
  3. Obtain the required documentation. Use one of these forms if you will miss a course component for:
  4. Submit your accommodation request online using our digital Academic Accommodation Request Form or by attending our drop-in hours. If you come to drop-in, please bring a completed Student Medical Certificate (SMC) along with a completed Accommodation Request Form (AR) or other documentation with you. 
  5. Check your email for the automated message that tells you your instructor has been contacted regarding your need for accommodation. Once you see it, contact them IMMEDIATELY to discuss the details of the make-up test or a new assignment submission deadline.
  6. If you missed a December or April final Exam, bring your SMC/documentation to the Academic Dean’s Office. An academic counsellor will fill out a Special Exam form, which you will sign.
  7. If you are not able to submit your accommodation request in person within three days of the missed test or assignment deadline, please submit your request online using our digital Academic Accommodation Request Form . Kindly note that accommodation requests for final exams MUST be submitted in person during drop-in hours, not online.
  8. Please do not visit our office until you are well enough to come to campus; do not visit our office if you are contagious. 
Test/Exam conflicts

If you need a make-up because of a direct conflict between two mid-term tests, bring in printouts of the test schedules from BOTH course outlines. If you have a direct conflict between two Final Exams, you must write them as advised in an email that you will receive. Check your Western email.

Religious Holidays

The University has a policy on accommodation for religious holidays: Click here to see the rights and expectations that fall under the policy. Submit accommodation requests to the Academic Dean’s Office a minimum of TWO weeks in advance.

Bereavement / Compassionate Reasons

If you are experiencing a significant, stressful life event and would like to inquire about accommodation options, please stop by our academic counselling office or email us. The type of documentation required will vary depending on the situation.

We will support reasonable requests for accommodation. The following are NOT considered grounds for academic accommodation: vacations, scheduled family trips, work commitments.