How was KAMP Developed?

KAMP was developed by a group of three King’s students in a fourth-year Psychology course (Psych 4694E: Collaborative Research in Applications of Psychological Science) at King’s in 2013/2014. Pavlina Faltynek, Chad Buckland, and Canaan Legault developed the concept that became KAMP by incorporating current academic research and guidelines from other successful academic mentoring initiatives into a program that could be operated at King’s. The combined efforts of these three students and the administration at King’s led to the implementation of KAMP in 2014/2015.

Since its inception, KAMP has developed strong working relationships with many administrative departments, student associations, and faculty members at King’s and will continue to foster these collaborations to best serve all those involved in the program.

The Founders of KAMP:

  • Pavlina Faltynek, Honours Specialization in Psychology
    "The program is designed so that new students will learn how to navigate the system and understand the culture of King’s.”
  • Chad Buckland, Honours Specialization in Psychology & Major in History
    “We want to give new students the best chance to do well here, academically. We’re here to show them the ropes and help them get through."
  • Canaan Legault, Major in Psychology
    "We think of it as a 'University 101.'"