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Part-time faculty at King's University College are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 5265.  Conditions of employment are regulated by the Collective Agreement negotiated by CUPE 5265 and King's University College Administration.

King's has returned to campus. Applicants are encouraged to apply for online courses if unable to teach in-person and/or prefer to teach online.

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King’s has introduced a new application system for Part-time Faculty position. Applicants can view and apply to courses directly through the system.

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Note: Chrome internet browser is highly recommended.  Some functions of the system are not compatible with other browsers.

Need Help? 
If you require any further help, please contact Human Resources 

Definitions of Qualifications

When completing an application to teach at King's, please refer to the definitions of qualification descriptions below regarding PhD and ABD status.

PhD Completed –  Has completed and/or been conferred a doctoral degree by successfully presenting a dissertation in an academic field of study, and approved by a committee of professors.

All but Dissertation (ABD)  – Active in Program (Registered) – A Doctoral candidate who is within 6 years from initial registration in the program and who has completed all required course work and examinations but not a dissertation.

Discontinued (Deregistered) – A former Doctoral candidate who has completed some or all of the required course work and examinations, but not a dissertation and who is outside of the six (6) years from initial registration in the program.

Multisection/Course Positions (Cluster postings)

From time to time King's may post multisection/course positions with up to a maximum workload of 3.0 course sections based on Department/School need.  The successful candidate must have the qualifications, teaching competence, capability, skill and ability and prior relevant experience to teach all of the courses within a multisection/course posting.

Course Format Expectations

In-Person Courses (Normally Coded 570)

Please note that an In-Person course is delivered exclusively on campus as public health guidelines allow. In-Person courses must provide the following: a clear week-by-week structure (as per the course outline); optimal use of the learning platform; In-Person lectures and tutorials/labs (as applicable); channels for active student engagement (e.g., in class discussions); a complete list of assessments; formative and timely feedback; attention to accessibility; office hours; and effective communication channels between instructor and students.   

Online Courses (Normally Coded 650)

Please note that an online course is delivered online. Online versions of the course must provide the following: a clear week-by-week structure (as per the course outline); optimal use of the learning platform; consistent and timely posting of weekly lectures; channels for active student engagement (e.g., regularly-monitored discussion forums); a complete list of assessments on the Assignments page; formative and timely online feedback; attention to online accessibility and multimodality; virtual office hours or tutorials; and effective communication channels between instructor and students.   

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