Part-time faculty at King's University College are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 5265.  Conditions of employment are regulated by the Collective Agreement negotiated by CUPE 5265 and King's University College Administration.

Teaching Formats during COVID-19 

Online Courses (Coded 650)

Please note that an online course includes exclusively online delivery (e.g., asynchronous lecture materials posted via a recorded lecture, written documents, PowerPoint slides, podcasts, video clips, etc.). Instructors teaching online courses are also expected to conduct virtual office hours and engage in other activities to interact with students and address student concerns and questions (e.g., such as managing forums and responding to email enquiries in a timely manner). Instructors applying to teach an online course must be amenable to teaching the full duration of the course via the online format.  

Blended Learning Course (Coded 270)

Please note that a blended learning course would include a mix of both remote and in-person or Zoom teaching as conditions permit (e.g., synchronous lectures with set times for face-to-face or Zoom classes, some asynchronous lecture materials posted via a recorded lecture, written documents, podcasts, videos, PowerPoint slides, etc.). Instructors teaching a blended course will be expected to adapt their teaching approach based on the current COVID climate; for example, they may be given the opportunity to transition to a hybrid online/classroom teaching approach during the term. Instructors teaching blended courses must be amenable to shifting their teaching approach (e.g., replacing face-to-face lectures with Zoom lectures) as the COVID climate requires - this may include teaching the course entirely online.