Follow these steps if you are getting an error when trying to open a file you shared in Teams:

This error can occur if there has been a change to your King's account that has broken your shared links. To fix the issue, we have to re-share the file.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to and Sign In using your King's email and password.

  2. You may be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication. You can choose to have Duo prompt you via a text message, a phone call, or via an in-app push notification.
  3. Once you're logged in, click in the top left to see all apps, and select OneDrive.

  4. Find the file you previously shared, and download it to your computer. All of your Teams files should be found in My Files > Microsoft Teams Chat Files.

  5. Once downloaded, re-share the file in Teams. To do this, drag the file from your computer to the appropriate Teams chat, or click the attachment button and select the file.

  6. You may be prompted that the file already exists. If so, select Replace.


If you need further assistance please contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: