This guide will help you install the resources necessary to remotely connect from your home computer to your King's computer remotely. If you have already done these steps, the QuickStart guide can be found below. 

ROAMS - QuickStart Guide (Windows)


This is part one (Windows) of a two step process to gaining Remote Access to your computer at King's. Find part two below.

1. On any computer, go to the following website:

2. Sign in at the top of the page. Enter you UWO/Western credentials (not King's credentials). Click Log In.

Image: Log In

3. In the top left corner, click REQUEST and then click Make Request.

Image: Make a Request

4. Look for the title ROAMS on the left side. Click the button Start beside it.

Image: ROAMS

5. From the drop-down menus, select King's University College and general ROAMS user. Then, click Submit.

Image: Roams Access

You should see a SUCCESS notification in green:

Image: Request Success

Your request has been submitted for approval. Once approved, you will receive notification by email. At this time, please contact King's ITS and let us know that you have been approved. King's ITS will make arrangements to make sure your King's computer account is set up for Remote Desktop Access (this will involve working on your King's computer).

This is part two (Windows) of a two step process to gaining Remote Access to your computer at King's.

1. On your home computer, go to the following website:

2. If you know the version of your operating system, select it. If in doubt, select 64-bit. If 64-bit fails to work, repeat these steps with 32-bit instead.

3. Run the downloaded file.

Image: Downloads

4. For most installations, click Run/Next/Install/Yes until the installation is complete. Click Finish.

Image: Pulse Secure

5. Once installed, it's time to run the program. Click the Windows/Start button and type Pulse. Click the Pulse Secure icon to start it.

Image: Pulse Program

6. When the Pulse Secure window opens, click the + button to create a new connection.

7. In the new window, name your connection and add the following Server URL:

8. Click Add.

Image: Add Connection

9. Click Connect

Image: My Connections

10. When prompted, enter you UWO/Western credentials (not King's credentials). Choose whether you wish to save your credentials and click Connect.

Image: Remote Connection


If you are now ready to connect to your work computer, continue to the QuickStart guide here:
ROAMS - QuickStart Guide (Windows)

If you experience any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: