Welcome to King's!

Below you'll find a reference of links to King's resources. 

1. Your King's account allows you access to:
2. Your UWO account is separate from King's, and allows you access to:
3. your execulink account allows you access to:
  • Your virtual phone application MaX UC
4. your HRDownloads account allows you access to:
  • An on-line training system to complete your legislated training requirements at Citation Canada.



If you are a new employee, here is a checklist for you:

  1. King's Steps: Arrange a time with your Manager or King's Information Technology Services (ITS) to collect your King's login details. If needed, submit a ticket to ITS requesting assistance. Once you have your account details:
    1. Set up your email or configure your King's password at kingsmail.ca.
    2. Log into mykings.ca to gain access to important links under the General tab.
    3. Upload a photo for your staff card to myKing's 1Card Snapshot.
    4. Log into MaX UC and change your password to one of your choosing.
    5. Complete the registration email sent to you by Citation Canada and complete the training.
    6. Set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for King's by following the link sent in your email
    7. Understand how to securely save your files on network drives, not on your desktop
  2. UWO Steps: Contact Western Technology Services (WTS) to set up your UWO account on their website.
    1. Adjust your UWO password at Western's Identity Manager
    2. Set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for UWO at MyMFA
    3. Forward your UWO email to your King's Email by following the steps on the WTS site.


If you experience any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: