Reznet is a connection to the Internet available in all of the King's University College residence rooms.

Exchange e-mail, participate in electronic newsgroups and mailing lists, access course registration and online course resources, browse and publish information on the World Wide Web.

To connect your computer to Reznet, your computer must have an network interface card with an RJ45/Ethernet connection.

Most computers configured with an network interface can readily connect to Reznet. Additionally, antivirus software is required to protect your system.

Yes; game consoles with a wired network interface can be configured to connect to Reznet. Submit a Work Request Ticket to get started

The Reznet fee is included in residence costs; there is no additional charge for this service.

Since the cost for Reznet is included in residence fees, residence students are automatically subscribed. Should you have questions about this arrangement, please Residence and Conference Services.