Use of the college residence network (Connect-IT) is a privilege. Your electronic activity and communication on the College network reflects upon King's University College on a global level; traffic originating on the College network is traceable back to King's University College. All Users of Connect-IT agree to use the computing resources solely for authorized academic and/or incidental non-commercial personal use and agree to assume responsibility for any unauthorized use, misuse or illegal use of the computing resources. The College reserves the right to limit, suspend or revoke Connect-IT service, and to impose cost-recovery charges for inappropriate use. Any other use that impacts the use of the network by others is prohibited. Violation(s) of the provisions set out by this document, the College's Code of Conduct and the UWO Acceptible Use Policy are subject to termination of Connect-IT service.

As a subscriber of Connect-IT services, you are required to honour the requirements and obligations set out in the College's Code of Conduct, the Connect-IT Terms of Service and abide by the UWO Acceptable Use Policy. Users are responsible for all traffic originating from their computer. Please consult the following documentation for more information:

The following requisites are firmly enforced. Failure to comply may result in suspension or cancellation of network services, fines or academic penalties. No refunds or compensations will be issued for breach of agreement.

Antivirus Software
All Connect-IT subscribers are required to have up-to-date antivirus software installed and running on their computers. If you do not have antivirus software, Academically-priced copies of Trend Micro Internet Security antivirus software can be purchased on Main Campus at the Campus Computer Store, located on the lower level of the UCC Building.

Operating System Updates
To protect your computer from security breaches, software failures and worm attacks, it is mandatory that operating system software be updated regularly. If you are using a Microsoft operating system, visit Windows Update weekly (though daily is recommended) to download system patches and updates. Alternatively, you may update your computer by going to the Programs/All Programs menu and clicking on "Windows Update" to initiate the update process. If you are an Apple user please visit the Apple Support site to check for operating system updates.

Users are responsible for all traffic originating from their machine, including user activity, regardless of:

  1. whether or not they generated it,

  2. whether or not they know what they are doing,

  3. whether or not they realize that they have violated any specific policies.

Servers and Server Operating Systems
The installation, use or deployment of server operating systems, ftp/file-sharing servers, web servers, or mail servers for use on the College network is prohibited. Server operating systems can disrupt network activity, equal access and cause denial of service to other users on the College network. Those found in contravention of this guideline will be disconnected from the network until the computer(s) in question are fitted with a desktop/workstation operating system and sufficient evidence is provided to indicate such.

Exploitive Misuse of Network Resources
Hacking and associated hacking tools, denial of service attacks, "e-mail bombing", "packet sniffing" tools or any harassment of another user by electronic means are prohibited. Users that engage in these activities will have their service suspended or terminated. In some cases legal authorities may be contacted and a criminal investigation could be conducted.

Network Devices
Wireless devices, switches, hubs, routers, proxy servers/proxy agents and other network-service routing devices are prohibited on the College network.

Network Interface modifications
The alteration or modification of a registered computer's MAC Address/Physical Address is prohibited.

Software and Copyrighted Data
Duplication, sharing or distribution via network resources of copyrighted data (including commercially released software packages) is prohibited. Users that contravene this guideline are subject to termination of services, and investigation by legal authorities.

Virus Attacks
In some situations, a computer infected with a malicious virus may cause the spread of infection to other computers or disruption of network services. In such cases, the College reserves the right to temporarily suspend c service until the user of the infected computer takes the necessary actions to repair their system.

System Configuration
Misconfiguration of a computer can result in network disruption or denial of service to other users. In order to provide equal access to network resources for all users, strict adherence to configuration as outlined in Connect-IT setup documentation is required. Users that statically code IP addresses or DNS entries in contravention of prescribed Connect-IT settings will be disconnected from the College network.

Connect-IT technical support provides assistance for hardware and software components required to access Connect-IT network services including, but not limited to at their discretion, network card operation and configuration, antivirus installation and maintenance, only. All other software or hardware support should be directed to your computer's manufacturer or software vendor. At your request, Connect-IT Administration can refer you to a local repair facility as needed. Use the Support form to request technical support (as denoted by this passage) or for a repair facility referral.

Reporting Violations and Connect-IT Terms of Service Questions
If you have been subjected to a contravention as set out by the terms of this document, the UWO Acceptable Use Policy, the College Code of Conduct or if you have questions about Connect-IT policies, contact Connect-IT.

This document is subject to revision as terminology, technological obsolescence or technology that affects College network use warrants.