Residence Handbook

Live in the heart of the King's University experience! Residence offers much more than a convenient place to live on campus - it offers countless opportunities to enhance your university learning and to share your first year of university with other students. Living in residence is a great way to meet people and feel connected to life at the College. Residence staff and Residence Council will organize events to help you get to know other residents, and they will be there to offer support and guidance as needed. 

Our goal: 

  • To create a safe, welcoming and accepting community where all cultures and differences are acknowledged and valued.

Our Expectation:

  • Your contribution to the King’s University Residence community will be a positive one.
  • You will strive to help yourself and others move towards achieving academic success.
  • You will be respectful of your own dignity and the dignity of others.
  • You will help build bridges between differences.

Your Opportunities

  • connecting with classmates, resources and activities
  • sharing academic challenges with 350 classmates, from over 20 countries around the world
  • learning about different cultures and ideas
  • experiencing your new independence in a supported environment
  • making memories to last a lifetime.
  • participating in social activities and learning support activities

Community Living

Living in community is a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. These guidelines can help you make the most of residence life.

  • Think of yourself as working within a team - your goal is to add to the team's strength and spirit.
  • Seek creative solutions and compromises.
  • Be a person of honesty and integrity.
  • Take responsibility for your residence environment. Address issues as they arise.
  • Be open to considering new perspectives, ideas and opinions.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Everyone needs help sometime!
  • Remember, this is the only 'first-year university' experience you will have - make it count!