If you are an international student at King's University College who has graduated from King’s, or an eligible Canadian institution, and you are eligible to work in Canada on a post-graduation work permit, we invite you to connect with Immploy.

Our team at Immploy connects employers with immigrant talent to foster economic prosperity by:

  • Supporting employers in recruiting and retaining immigrant talent;
  • Bridging the gap between labour market demand and supply;
  • Strengthening sustainability and recognition as a strong employer-led Council; and
  • Becoming a regional champion for immigrant talent.

Immploy offers two distinct services: The Mentorship and Job Match Programs.

The Mentorship Program can help international students connect with their careers in Canada, while also providing an opportunity for employers to build their inclusive leadership skills and connect with diverse newcomer talent.

With the great success of occupation-specific mentoring in many cities across Southwestern Ontario, Immploy and King's came together to form a collaborative partnership to provide access to mentoring for the international students that want to integrate into our community.

The mentor’s primary role is to provide guidance and support to the mentee based on his/her unique career development needs. This may be achieved by engaging with the mentee as coach/advisor, resource person, source of support, champion/advocate and sounding board.

Through in-person meetings, video conferencing, phone and email exchange, we are now able to connect mentors with qualified immigrant talent in cities across the province that are interested in learning more about companies, growing industries and employment opportunities in communities across Southwestern Ontario. 

Mentors can help mentees to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the regional job market, expanding access to local labour market information;
  • Connect with Canada's hidden job market;
  • Learn more about sector-specific language and professional practice in Canada;
  • Establish and grow their professional network in Southwestern Ontario;
  • Network in targeted occupation/industry;
  • Refine job goals;
  • Identify transferable skills;
  • Increase confidence in the job search; and

As a result - secure meaningful employment in their professional field.

Immploy Job Match helps drive economic prosperity in our community by attracting and retaining immigrant talent to our region, expediting commensurate immigrant employment, increasing the employers’ and newcomers’ satisfaction.

Through the Job Match Program, a job seeker can:

  • Learn about employers seeking your skills;
  • Increase knowledge of regional labour markets;
  • Prepare for interviews and evaluate job offers; and
  • Access Immploy Job Match postings.

Many employers, employment organizations, economic development and labour market planning organizations, settlement organizations, educational institutions, refer job opportunities and immigrants that are looking for jobs.

Here is a sample of how the process works.

When a job order comes in, our team:

  • First reviews the current candidate pool and reaches out to potential matches;
  • Sends order out via email to referral partners if there are not enough suitable candidates in the existing candidate pool; and
  • After reaching out to partners, if the team does not find the right candidates for the vacancy, then, it posts the order on Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook).

Once the Job Match team finds the potential matches for the job posting, the team:

  • Reviews all tailored documents; and
  • Screens clients for suitability.

Then, the shortlisted clients are forwarded to the order source.  The client receives a communication informing her/him that the resume was sent.   As a final step, employers communicate whether the candidate proceeds in the process, thereby closing the recruitment cycle.     

Immploy continues to actively connect employers in Southwestern Ontario with immigrant talent including international student graduates through these innovative Mentorship and Job Match initiatives.

For more information on Immploy and its programs, please visit https://www.immploy.ca/