1.  King's University College charges a user fee for parking to offset the cost of parking services.

  2. Cars parked without valid King's University College stickers, or illegally parked in reserved spaces, or parked outside of the areas so designated will be towed away at the owner's risk and expense.

  3. Overnight parking is by permit in lot P5 only. Parking is strictly prohibited between midnight and 7:00 a.m. in any other lots on campus.

  4. Students may pay for a transponder (while supplies last) at the Student Financial Services Office.

  5. Permits for overnight visitors to the residence may be obtained from the Administrative Coordinator, Physical Plant Department or the Residence Manager weekdays and from Security or RID desk evenings and weekends.

  6. If, as a result of mechanical failure or after a licensed event at the College, someone is unable to drive, the security person should be informed to protect the car from towing.

  7. Spaces reserved for the handicapped, for visitors or for certain administrative officers are reserved 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

  8. It is the responsibility of the person (Administrator, student, faculty or staff) arranging a meeting or special event to make arrangements for parking (i.e. Informing the participants of the parking policy and acquiring and distributing temporary permits or making some other arrangement). Contact the Administrative Coordinator, Physical Plant Department at ext. 4386 or email debbie.obrien@uwo.ca.

  9. For special events such as masses or religious ceremonies, public lectures and meetings related to the work of departments at King's written notification to Administrative Coordinator, Physical Plant Department is the responsibility of the department involved.

  10. College employees may request a parking transponder from the Administrative Coordinator, Physical Plant Department.  CRA regulations require employee parking to be reported as a taxable benefit.

A parking boot is alternative to towing.  If the parking boot is installed by Security on a vehicle please adhere to the following procedure:

  • Post memo on vehicle that it has been immobilized
  • Notify Reception and the Administrative Coordinator for Physical Plant
  • Fill out a Towing Report
  • When contacted by owner to free the vehicle, accompany them to Student Financial Services Office to pay the $50 fee.  Ensure they have a receipt for this. If after hours, collect the money and provide the owner with a receipt.
  • Remove the parking boot.
  • Record transaction on form “Parking Fines Collected for Immobilized Vehicles”.

Note:  If the owner is not able to pay the fine immediately, take their Photo ID Student number and advise them they will have to return to pay or we will be forced to take enforcement action.