King's University College Political Science Department Policy Regarding Essay Submissions, Late Essays And Written Work Not Submitted

  1. A penalty of five (5) marks will be assessed for essays submitted the first day after the deadline.

  2. A penalty of one (1) mark will be assess for each subsequent day including weekends.

  3. No essays will be accepted after the 14th day.

  4. Exceptions to the above provisions will only be granted on the basis of:

    1. Humanitarian grounds (NOTE: In fairness to all students, documented evidence will be required when a death or serious illness in the family has occurred)
    2. Medical grounds for which written proof must be provided (NOTE: This may be submitted to the Academic Dean's Office.)
  5. Computer breakdowns will NOT be considered under provision 4(a).

  6. All essays must be handed to the professor personally or be signed in with the department secretary during regular business hours.

  7. A student who fails to submit all the required written work (essays, reports, etc.) which make the "essay" component of the course, as specified in the course outline, will not receive credit for the course.

* These are the general regulations regarding written work. You should ensure that your professor either follows these guidelines or tailors specific rules and regulations pertaining to his/her specific courses. These should be made clear in the Course Outline distributed at the beginning of each course.