Students should try to consistently adhere to either a) the most recent checklist as laid out in the online Academic Calendar, Affiliates’ Section or b) the module checklist that was in place in the year you entered the program. You can view old and new checklists here. If in doubt, consult the relevant Academic Programs Assistant.

Lois Mansfield ( is the Academic Programs Assistant responsible for English students. Her office is located in the Academic Dean’s Office, on the ground floor of Dante Lenardon Hall (DL117).

While the Department offers core courses on a yearly basis, some required courses rotate on a biennial basis. To find out what courses are being offered in the next three years, see Course Rotation.

Course descriptions for Special Topics and 4000-level seminars can be found here.

King’s offers a number of existing interdisciplinary programs and courses. Of particular interest to students interested in the humanities, King’s Foundations in Western Thought and Civilization brings together top faculty from the departments of Modern Languages, History, and Philosophy to offer enriched study of the traditions of Western Civilization. For more information, see King’s Foundations.

For information about faculty teaching in the Department of Modern Languages, see faculty biographies.

There is no special program for students interested in pursuing teacher’s college. While students are encouraged to pursue an Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, the department also offers a Minor in English for Teachers. For current  requirements for teaching college, visit the Faculty of Education at Western.

King’s offers several specific awards for English students: Academic Award in the English Program (up to $200.00), The Jennifer Mercanti Aware in English and/or Philosophy(up to $500.00), and The Gary and Catherine Comerford Award in English (up to $2,000.00). In addition to these awards, King’s University College offers a number of general scholarships/awards open to students in English. For a searchable database of available awards, see Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries.

An undergraduate thesis is not required for the Honours Specialization. Students do, however, have the option of pursuing an undergraduate thesis by applying to the Chair of the Department. For more information, see ENG4999E: Thesis.

King’s has it own writing centre with trained instructors and peer tutors who teach academic writing, critical reading skills, and ESL writing. For more information, visit The Write Place in the King’s Centre (KC113).

Generally, essays should be submitted in class, and on their due date. Late assignments should be submitted to the Green Box located in the foyer of the Annex. Essays dropped into the mailbox will be picked up twice a day—once in the morning (9:30am) and once in the afternoon (4:00pm). All essays dropped off after 4:00pm on a Friday will be date-stamped the following Monday. Essays should be placed in an envelope with the course title and the instructor’s name on it. Essays may not be submitted to the security guards or to any other staff member at King’s University College. Please do not slide essays under the secretaries’ or instructors’ office doors.

An undergraduate degree in English is a highly sought-after qualification, and prepares students for a wide variety of employment opportunities. Our graduates have gained employment in areas as varied as teaching, publishing/editing, technical writing, public relations, and law. For more information, see Careers.

The Department appoints a Faculty Mentor to assist students applying to graduate school and for external funding. For information on the Department’s current Faculty Mentor.

Many of our students have pursued semesters abroad, at such prodigious institutions as the University St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Leeds (England), University of New South Wales (Australia), University of Haifa (Israel), the India/Ontario Maharashtra-Goa Program (OMG), and China/Ontario Jiangsu Program (OJS), to name a few. For more information, see King’s International and Western’s International Exchange Program.

The Department routinely hosts prominent academics and authors from around the world. For a list of upcoming events, see Events.


Campus life at King’s is vibrant and multi-faceted, offering a wide variety of opportunities for students outside the classroom. Of particular interest to English students, King’s Players Theatre Company is a student drama group who produces a number of theatrical spectacles each year. King’s also publishes a student newspaper, The Regis. For those interested in helping other students at various points in their undergraduate careers, consider King’s Academic Mentoring Program (KAMP). In addition to these options, King’s offers a vast array of clubs and organizations to meet the needs and interests of its students. For a list of existing student clubs, see here