If you have been the victim of sexual violence:

1. Go to a safe place

Go to a place where you can find physical safety and emotional support. This may be the home (or room) of a friend, a family member, a member of the Residence staff, a colleague or a supervisor.

2. Seek Health Care/Counselling

You are encouraged to seek health care immediately. In London, immediate care and counselling support is available at:

  • The Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre, located at St. Joseph’s Hospital (go to Urgent Care). Call 519-646-6100, press 0 and ask for the nurse-on-call for sexual assault and domestic violence.  Support is provided regardless of gender and, with the consent of the survivor/victim, will also be provided to a partner/significant other.
  • The Sexual Assault Centre London , which can be reached at 519-438-2272. The Sexual Assault Centre London also provides individual & group counselling and accompaniment and advocacy for women. A 24-hour crisis & support line is available to men and women.
  • The Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator at Western’s Wellness Education Centre, who can be reached at 519 661-2111 x87085 (non-emergency), Monday-Friday during business hours.
    Angela Treglia
    Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator
    Wellness Education Centre
    Room 76, University Community Centre
    519-661-2111 x87085
​3. Counselling Options


Reporting an Incident of Sexual Violence

More information on reporting an incident of sexual violence.