July 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Dr. Imants Baruss along with 5 King’s students attended the annual meeting of the Society for Consciousness Studies at Yale University.

Dr. Baruss gave a lecture entitled “Consciousness: Where We Are At” where he discusses the social and political framework for the study of consciousness as well as the substance of what we know about consciousness.

Dr. Baruss’ thesis student (2016-2016) Paula Rayo presented a plenary paper based on her undergraduate thesis in psychology. As part of her thesis research she travelled to the Amazon jungle to investigate whether participation in ayahuasca ceremonies could help improve one’s state of existential well-being.

"The consciousness conference held at Yale was very inspiring because you feel like you are part of an great intellectual movement, as well as a sense of responsibility to continue the work of many influential intellects from the past," says Rayo.

King’s student, Maria Forrester completed an independent study in psychology with Dr. Baruss during which she carried out an experiment to look at the interactions between humans and machines using a random event generator. Forrester presented a plenary paper on this subject at the conference.

Nicci Borowski, co-founder of the King’s Consciousness Discussion Group, also attended the conference to support Dr. Baruss and team.

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