Dr. Imants Baruss

Dr. Imants Baruss

Full Professor

Office: DL323

Phone: 4369

E-mail: baruss@uwo.ca

Website: http://baruss.ca

Dr. Barušs is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at King’s University College and an Adjunct Research Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western University. With expertise in Consciousness Studies, Professor Barušs teaches courses about consciousness and altered states of consciousness. His current research includes the development of a flicker theory of consciousness as well as laboratory studies of human-machine interactions with random event generators. He is the author of 6 books, 46 papers, and 22 reviews, and has given 93 presentations at conferences and universities around the world. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration and a member of a number of professional societies, including the New York Academy of Sciences and the Society for Consciousness Studies, which he co-founded.

Academic Background 

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Regina
M.Sc., Mathematics, University of Calgary
B.Sc., New Program, University of Toronto 

Research and Scholarly Interests

Consciousness studies
Quantum theories of consciousness
Psychology of self-transformation 

Frequently Taught Courses 
  • Altered States of Consciousness (Psych 2011a/b)
  • Consciousness (Psych 3177F)
  • Altered States of Consciousness: Selected Topics (Psych 3120g)
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Humanistic Psychology
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • Independent Study
  • Special Topics in Psychology  
Representative Publications 
  • Barušs, I. (2008). Quantum mind: Conscious intention in the context of quantum mechanics. Dydaktyka Literatury, 28, 31–40. 
  • Barušs, I. (2007). Franklin Wolff’s mathematical resolution of existential issues. Journal of Scientific Exploration 21(4), 751–756. 
  • Barušs, I. (2007). Science as a spiritual practice. Exeter, UK: Imprint Academic. 
  • Barušs, I. (2003). Alterations of consciousness: An empirical analysis for social scientists. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 
  • Barušs, I. (1996). Authentic knowing: The convergence of science and spiritual aspiration. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press.