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When King’s associate alumnus Paul Marques began studying in university as a mature student, he never imagined he would one day be an inspiration to other adult learners in the London community. After spending ten years working as a Tool & Die maker for an international auto parts supplier, Marques made the brave decision to go back to school. He had endured a serious injury that hindered his ability to work in the trades so he knew he needed a new way to make an income.

In 2008, Marques began his journey at King’s in the Business Management and Organizational Studies program specializing in accounting and economics. Although his academic goals seemed unobtainable at times, Marques welcomed all challenges head on. He quickly took advantage of academic counselling services offered at King’s and excelled as a mature student.

“I knew King’s was the right place after my first visit,” recalls Marques. “I immediately picked up on the great atmosphere and sense of community. I was very impressed that I received help from faculty and the Academic Dean’s Office before I was an enrolled student. I felt like they really wanted me to succeed.”

Marques’ describes his experience at King’s as “first class.” Not only did the faculty welcome him, the students and staff members on campus made him feel at home. “I considered myself more of a King’s student than a mature student.”

Two years later, Marques enrolled in the Honors Business Administration (HBA) program at Richard Ivey School of Business, and graduated on the Dean’s Honor List with distinction. He also had the privilege of representing his peers as the 2013 HBA Valedictorian. Shortly after graduation, Marques accepted a position as a Staff Accountant - Tax at KPMG Canada in London, a national accounting firm where he continues to work today.

Considering Marques’ impressive list of accomplishments as an adult learner, it’s not surprising that he was nominated for an adult learner award recognized by the London Council for Adult Education. King’s academic counsellor Jim Zucchero was proud to present the award to Marques at the 25th annual Adult Learner Awards on May 8, 2014 in the Wolf Performance Hall at Central Library.

“To be a successful adult learner, like Paul, you have to be self-motivated and hardworking – two qualities he has in spades,” Zucchero noted in his speech. “You have to trust your own judgment, but you also have to be able to seek help when you need it, and take the initiative to solve problems as they arise. To me, Paul is exemplary in his capacity to do these things: he worked very, very hard to achieve his academic goals, and he knew he had the support of his family and friends when he needed it,” added Zucchero.

 “I have enormous respect and appreciation for what Paul has accomplished, and I am so pleased that his achievements and his example are being recognized.”

First initiated in 1990 to honour the work of Mary Gee, long-time Executive Secretary of the London Council for Adult Education, the Adult Learner Awards recognizes and acknowledges the efforts and contributions of learners for the enhancement of their lives through adult education.

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