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Students and alumni have access to a Job Board aimed specifically at them: the King’s University College Job Board which can be found at

This will be the third year for the King’s Job Board. Last year, the job board had 8,000 page views. “It’s a great resource,” says Joe Henry, Dean of Students.

There are a wide range of jobs to be found, including full-time, part-time and contract positions, from the non-profit and private sectors, small and big business.  Most of the positions posted on the Job Board are locally located as a commitment to help talent from King's in London, but increasingly there are jobs posted for Toronto and other areas. Users of the job board can create an alert and will be contacted as new jobs are posted which match their search criteria.

The jobs are vetted before they are posted and Henry stresses “there is an emphasis on jobs that pay a living wage as part of our social justice commitment.”

Employers can submit job postings free of charge by registering at

The King’s Job Board is a product of a partnership with Knighthunter, a London-based company formed in September 2000. “I like that it is two London organizations helping each other, so it’s a win-win for both King’s and Knighthunter,” says Henry.

King’s offers a number of career support services:

“Increasingly, students are looking for support in their career/job search post-graduation. These services are one way we can assist them and their families. It is a critical part of our commitment to the best student experience in Canada,” says Henry.