Seeing a career counsellor can be helpful at every stage of your university experience. Connecting with a career counsellor early (or any time) in your degree can help you to take advantage of resources, cope better with the transition to university, meet school and life challenges and manage the uncertainty of moving forward but not knowing exactly where you are going.

Top Ten Reasons for Coming for Career Counselling

  1. You feel uncertain whether you are in the right program.
  2. You don’t have any idea what you want to do after graduate.
  3. You feel pressured by your family or someone else to choose a particular career option.
  4. You need help with choosing or applying to graduate school.
  5. You are unsure what you want to choose for a major.
  6. You have ideas about a direction but aren’t sure how to get there.
  7. You are not enjoying what you are studying.
  8. You are a student with a disability and worried about how this will impact your career future.
  9. You know you need to build experience but are having trouble knowing where to start.
  10. You are worried about your mental health concerns will impact your career future.
What can I expect ?

We will talk about what is important to you. We will help you to figure out the best next step to help you move forward in your career journey. The process is confidential, non-judgemental and respectful.

Depending on your concerns career counselling can include:

  • Engaging  in a process of reflection about (understand yourself):  your skills, personality, values, strengths and interests
  • developing options and possibilities to explore
  • taking action rather than procrastinating and avoiding thinking about your career worries
  • learning how to connect your degree to career choices
  • understanding your own decision making process and how to make good decisions
  • assisting with finding resources to get information and learning the skills you need

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