July 2, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

A message from Dr. David Malloy, King's Principal:

In an effort to continue to update everyone on topics surrounding King's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be launching a regular report on such topics, beginning with this email.

To begin, I would like to illustrate some of the many great things that our Physical Plant department, led by Director Chris MacNeil, is doing to reshape the physical appearance of King's campus in order to ensure the health and safety of our community as we begin to look towards having more people return to campus.

The members of our physical plant staff have installed plexiglass to help physical distancing in the following areas:

  • Enrolment Services
  • Student Finance Office
  • Reception
  • Information Technology Services
  • Student Services
  • Residence Office
  • International Office
  • Cardinal Carter Library
  • Academic Deans Office

Physical distancing floor stickers have also been installed in the Student Finance office, Wemple Reception/ Enrolment Services and Information Technology Services.

Physical Plant will ensure all classrooms and public spaces have physical distancing measures in place. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed at all building entrances and the number of such stations has increased throughout campus. There will also be signage at all entrances throughout campus buildings, as well as in elevators and washrooms reminding all members of the King's community to practice social and physical distancing.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions via email.

For more information on King's and COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 page at https://www.kings.uwo.ca/covid-19/.

As always, take care of yourself, take care of each other and we will update you on how we are taking care of this place for your return.