September 9, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

A message from Dr. David Malloy, King's Principal, to the Kings community:

As we begin our fall semester, the semester that already promises to be one like none other, I would like to commend everyone on their efforts to ensure the success of our blended model of virtual services and classes. We have continued to work in-person and virtually throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as we transformed to a largely virtual campus (Phase A) last March to where we are today, entering Phase C, a blended campus. 

With the start of blended instructional delivery, our residences and food services operating, along with other departments across campus including the Cardinal Carter Library, Finance, Enrolment Services and Campus Ministry, to name a few. It was great to welcome the Class of 2024 to campus this past weekend.

Throughout the pandemic, it was important that mental health counselling and other student development resources remained in operation, Our Accessibility, Personal Counselling, Career Counselling, Learning Skills Services, KAMP, and Wellness Programming have continued to provide counselling services of all types without in-person contact and via telephone since mid-March.

As we begin the fall semester, Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development (ACSD) will continue to provide services via telephone and these services will be expanded, including Wellness groups, utilizing the Zoom Health Platform. Additionally, access to Western Mental and Counselling Services remains available to King’s students. 

ACSD will increase their offering of services such as presenting to classes, conducting Facebook Live events, virtual drop-in for accessibility, promotion of OWL module on ACSD and promotion of OWL modules currently in development on procrastination and test anxiety,

Several components of ACSD will have their own online presence to offer support and services:

•                   KAMP will operate virtually with some limited in-person events.

•                   Mature Student Programming will be conducted virtually

•                   An LBGTQ2+ online resource hub has been developed

ACSD continues to work with students and the Academic Dean’s Office regarding special provisions that may been necessary for exams, including if exceptions can be given with regards to writing exams in person, due to special accommodations needs.

I encourage all our students to utilize the services that ACSD offer to ensure your King’s experience is the best possible. You can learn more on the Student Affairs website. You can contact them via email, call them at 519-433-3491 ext. 4321 or follow them on Instagram @wellnessatkings. You can also request an appointment.

King’s faculty and staff can find support through the Family Service Employee Assistance Program.

Support from ACSD will help you take care of yourself and take care of each other. We will continue to update you on how we are taking care of this place and I welcome your input, feedback, and suggestions via email.