March 20, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

A message from Dr. David Malloy, King's Principal:

This certainly has been a week that will go down in history. Globally, our thoughts are with those who are directly impacted by COVID-19, especially those who are ill, have lost loved ones and are on the front lines as first responders.

At King’s, our community worked together to move most of our services, offices and classrooms offsite. Remaining at King’s are our Residence students and staff who are unable to leave at this time. I want to thank our people on the ground for keeping campus operations intact. The buildings have been sanitized and secured. Hopefully, we will be back on campus soon as a community. 

Our new normal operations are online and we will continue to improve this online delivery in the days ahead. Thank you to our students, faculty, and staff who have adapted to studying and working remotely. 

I encourage you to send us your questions or feedback via the King’s Call Back and to stay updated via our COVID-19 web page. We have assembled some Frequently Asked Questions and links to online resources, which you can find on the website and on our social media channels.

I hope this weekend gives you some time to rest amid all the busy work of finishing the academic term.

As always, take care of yourself, each other and we will try our best to take care of this place.