October 4, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

The King’s Job Shadow Program will be launching during the 2021-2022 academic year. The program will allow students to job shadow a matched employer over the course of one or two consecutive days during one of the two Reading Weeks (November and February). This will give students the opportunity to see what a typical day in a career or industry of interest could be like.

The Job Shadow Program will complement the recently launched King’s Promise Program, giving students more opportunities to connect with work-integrated learning in London. The program was developed in collaboration by Jenny Richmond-Bravo, King’s Promise Developer and Experiential Learning Coordinator at King’s, and Student Affairs Work Study student Macy Bruneel after Dean of Students Joe Henry brought forward the idea.

The Job Shadow Program will allow students to gain self-confidence while working within a professional environment. They will gain awareness of workplace cultures and norms, while demonstrating professional relationship management skills. Students will also be able to build professional networks within London and surrounding communities. Employers, meanwhile, will benefit from students’ current knowledge, creative thinking, flexibility and fresh approaches.

“This will ultimately help employers to better articulate what they look for in new hires, and might provide a connection to a future employee,” says Richmond-Bravo, King’s Promise Developer/Experiential Learning Coordinator.

The process of recruiting employer partners is currently underway. “We are aiming to be able to connect students with a wide variety of jobs across many industries in London, including jobs in the non-profit, tech, business, financial and social services sectors,” says Richmond-Bravo.

Students are free to register now, regardless of degree program or year of study. They will need to complete the online Career Decision Making module through CompleteStudent before starting their placement.