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Yesterday, we made the important decision to cancel classes at King's. Our IT Department is working closely with faculty to make the switch to online instruction, set to roll out on Wednesday, March 18. You will hear more from us shortly out on how students will access those online courses.

We have also made the decision to cancel or postpone discretionary events for the remainder of the term.

The risk in London remains low and we are taking these steps as a preventative measure.

I know this is difficult news for those who have worked hard on special events such as Research Week and the Grad Ball. Thank you to Students' Council for your efforts and I promise you we will find a way to celebrate in the near future.

Other academic events will be moved away from public presentations. This includes fourth-year seminar presentations. Students will hear directly from their professors on how those presentations will be handled.

King's remains open. Some services will be reduced so check the shuttle bus schedules, library hours and food services hours.

As always, our working group continues to deal with this evolving situation with the health and safety of our community as our top priority. We welcome your feedback via the website feedback form on the King's COVID-19 website.

Take care of yourself. Take care of this place and take care of each other.

Dr. David Malloy

King's Principal