King’s Recognition Awards

King’s University College has created two awards to recognize our non-faculty employees who best exemplify King’s mission, vision, and values. The King’s Culture Award and King’s Service Excellence Award will be presented annually as part of our new Recognition Program.

King’s Culture Award

The King’s community fosters an inclusive, respectful and supportive environment in service to humanity and the common good. The King’s Culture Award recognizes these values and honours an individual who exemplifies compassion and collaboration, and demonstrates ongoing commitment to the welfare of the King’s community.

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The King's Culture Award

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King’s Service Excellence Award

King’s values our community and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to those we serve and interact with. The King’s Service Excellence Award recognizes an individual who goes above and beyond their role and responsibilities to create an exceptional service experience for staff, students, faculty and/or other people they interact with and one who, regardless of their role, demonstrates a willingness to inspire others to improve our service excellence.

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The King's Service Excellence Award

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Nominees must be non-faculty staff (King's University College Staff Association, Professional Administrative Officers Association, Senior Administrators, Association Exempt) who have been employed by King’s for a minimum of one year of permanent employment.

Nominations will open on September 16, 2024.

We encourage all members of the King’s community, including faculty, students, and staff to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate those who exemplify the best in King’s as a place to be, a place to become and a place to belong.

Read about our inaugural awards winners, Julie Siverns and Maija Wilson.