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Congratulations to Julie Siverns, Program Assistant in the King’s School of Social Work, and Maija Wilson ’08, ‘23, Campus Minister - Youth in King’s Campus Ministry, for being the inaugural recipients of the King’s Recognition Awards. The awards were introduced earlier this year by Dr. David Malloy, King’s President, who set a priority to bring recognition to non-faculty staff who best exemplify King’s mission, vision, and values.

Siverns, who began at King’s in 1991, is the recipient of the King’s Service Excellence Award. The award recognizes Siverns as an individual who goes above and beyond their role and responsibilities to create an exceptional service experience for staff, students, faculty and/or other stakeholders they interact with and one who, regardless of their role, demonstrates a willingness to inspire others to improve our service excellence.

Siverns says she was surprised and honoured to be nominated and selected for the award. “I try to treat all students how I believe their parents would like their children to be treated and how, I hope, our son was treated while attending university – with kindness and respect,” she says.

One of the nominators dubbed Siverns “the face of the School of Social Work for King’s,” and praised her for being “the front line in answering questions and directing people to the resources they need. Julie remains calm, finds time for each student, retains a positive attitude and is the calm in the middle of the back-to-school storm.”

Siverns nominations told of their experience in working with Julie, often in stressful times, who was compassionate and supportive and provided excellent service to all students. “She always greets you with a smile and an attitude that suggests we will get through anything together,” one nominator said. She “genuinely cares about the well-being of the students,” said another.

Wilson, who began working at King’s in 2010, is the recipient of the King’s Culture Award. The award honours Wilson as an individual who exemplifies honesty, integrity, compassion and collaboration, and demonstrates ongoing commitment to the welfare of the King’s community.

Wilson said that she was overwhelmed with emotions at the news of the award. “I am honoured and humbled that I was even considered. I have had the pleasure of engaging with the King's community since 2003 when I was first a student and it has given me so much. I am grateful and only hope to contribute to this place where so much is possible. We have a responsibility to one another to form human connections and I choose to do that in small and big ways in my everyday life,” says Wilson.

“Maija Wilson is truly the embodiment of community and commitment to King's,” said a nominator.

Wilson’s work with the London Interfaith Peace Camp, a collaborative community project that encourages understanding and cooperation among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith groups, was referenced throughout her nomination. “Not only does she pursue a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community through the mission of the camp and directing it, but in her personal time she attends community events and promotes peace. She has created relationships with the Jewish and Muslim communities in London and is working on expanding to other faiths as well,” said one nominator.

One nominator says that Wilson “approaches every opportunity with joy and an openness to being welcoming that is truly admirable. She tries her utmost best to make sure that the environments she creates and operates in are full of welcome, respect, and a genuinely safer space.”

Launched in September 2023, the King’s Recognition Awards received a tremendous response from faculty, staff and students. There were 15 overall nominees for the King’s Service Award and 11 for the King’s Culture Award.

Congratulations to Julie and Maija! Their awards will be celebrated during the King’s Christmas luncheon, taking place on December 22, 2023.