Dr. Robert Ventresca

Dr. Robert A. Ventresca
Interim Vice-President Academic Dean (VPAD)

Phone: 519-433-3491 x.4370
Email: Email me
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Dr. Robert Ventresca is a King’s grad (Class of ’93) and began teaching here in 2000. He was appointed interim Vice-President Academic Dean (VPAD) in July 2023 and is responsible for more than 300 faculty members and 25 non-academic staff at King’s. As the Senior Academic Administrator at King’s, the VPAD directs and coordinates the planning, implementation and management of academic programming and educational policies at King’s. Dr. Ventresca oversees two professional schools, twelve academic departments, Academic Advising, and the King’s Research Office. He is a member of the King’s Executive Team and Senior Administrative Team that advise the President’s Office on the implementation of strategic priorities as well as the day-to-day operations of King’s.

As interim Vice-President Academic Dean, Dr. Ventresca works closely with the Dean of Students to foster student learning and promote student success. Dr. Ventresca is also responsible for assisting the President to preserve and promote the Catholic character of King’s and to foster a deeper understanding of, and meaningful engagement with, the Catholic intellectual tradition in all aspects of College life.

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