King's psychology students, Rylan Waring and Adam Newton, presented their research at the Cognitive Science Society conference in Quebec City this week. Their paper, Symbiotic Symbols: Symbolic (but not Nonsymbolic) Number Representation Predicts Calculation Fluency in Adults, was based on research the students conducted at King's in Dr. Penner-Wilger's Cognitive Science and Numeracy Lab.

The Cognitive Science Society conference is the preeminent international conference in the field and attracts researchers, predominantly faculty and graduate students, from around the world to share cutting edge findings. Having a first-author paper accepted to the peer-reviewed conference is a major accomplishment, especially given that Rylan and Adam will be 4th year honours students this fall. The Cognitive Science and Numeracy Lab had three presentations at the conference, two with Rylan and Adam as authors. Their papers will appear in the published conference proceedings.