This guide will walk you through how to reset your Western password.

  1. Log into using your Western username and password. Do not enter "".
  2. You can change your password by clicking on Profile and then Change Password.

IMPORTANT: Once you've changed your password, click on Profile, then on Synchronize Password, then click the Synchronize button once. This will synchronize your new password to all Western and King's resources. Failure to do this will cause some services to use your old password and some to use your new password.

If you can not remember your password, follow one of the options below:

  1. On, enter your username and click Forgot Password?
  2. This will bring you to a page with a list of security questions that you should have set up when you first came to the school. If you did not set up security questions, or if you do not remember the answers, proceed to Option Two.

You will need your Access Code (also called a PIN), a four digit number that was sent to you when you first were accepted as a student at King’s. If you do not have this code, please contact Enrolment Services at 519-433-3491 ext. 4999.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your student number and your Access Code.

This will give you a temporary password. Write down this temporary password or highlight and copy it.

  1. You will be brought back to the original log in screen and your username will already be entered. Paste the temporary password into the password field and click Log In.

You will now be prompted to create a new password. Follow the instructions in blue up above to Synchronize your password with all Western Services.


You will need your employee number when you call. You can find your employee number on your identifcation card, or by calling the King's Human Resources department.

  1. Call Western's Helpdesk at 519-661-3800. Follow the prompts to reach the Accounts office to reset your password.
  2. After speaking to the Accounts office, you will need to go back to the top of this guide to synchronize your password.


If you experience any difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: