Meet The ITS Team

(image: Tom Jory)

Tom Jory

Director of Information Technology Services

433-3491 Ext. 4398

(image: Todd Morrison)

Todd Morrison

Programmer Analyst

433-3491 Ext. 4567

(image: Tim Bugler)

Tim Bugler

Web Developer / Designer

433-3491 Ext. 4480

(image: Abby Friesen)

Abby Friesen

Web Designer


(image: Sheldon Lopes)

Sheldon Lopes

Database Administrator

433-3491 Ext. 4646

(image: David Thuss)

David J. Thuss

Manager, Infrastructure, Client and Digital Pedagogy Support

433-3491 Ext. 4587  

(image: Liviu Homorcean)

Liviu Homorcean

Systems Administrator

433-3491 Ext. 4648

(image: Scott McKendrick)

Scott McKendrick

Client Support & Helpdesk Supervisor

433-3491 Ext. 4645

Adam Knezevic

Systems Analyst

433-3491 Ext. 4718

Adam Taylor

E-learning Coordinator

433-3491 Ext. 4326

If you require assistance please contact King's ITS here: