Eat well, be well

Image: Healthy Food

Choose a healthy alternative when dining
It can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet while completing your post-secondary studies. Students are busy with class, homework, jobs, extracurricular activities and other enterprises they may be involved in. It’s important to try and eat well as it promotes overall health and wellness. Eating well helps boost energy, helps improve your immune system and reduces illness.   


If eating on campus, try and opt for healthier alternatives. You can ask your server for more information.

If cooking for yourself, opt for hearty meals that are easy to prepare. Slow cooker meals are an easy and inexpensive way to prepare a healthy meal that can provide healthy leftovers for the next day.

Stay hydrated
Make sure to keep hydrated. Reach for water, milk, fruit juice, herbal tea, and coffee in moderation.


Image: King's Gym

Being active has a lot of benefits. Not only does exercise keep your body physically healthy, but it improves the mind, self-esteem, is a good way to reduce stress, and contributes to positive mental health. Here are some tips to help you get active:

1. Find an activity you are interested in
This can be anything from a low impact workout to an activity that provides a high intensity workout. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it gets you active and you enjoy it. The more you enjoy the activity you have chosen, the more likely you are to stick with it. These activities can be something as simple as going for a walk, going for a run, to working out at the gym.  Another alternative is to join campus intramural teams, where you can sign up to play a variety of sports with people at various levels. There are also a number of classes for yoga and other activities offered campus wide. If you are looking for other activities to get involved in off campus, the London Spectrum offers a number of activities to get involved in year round.

2. Get into a routine
Make sure you get active by carving out an activity to participate in, and don’t be afraid to sample new ones. Another great way to get into the routine of being active is to make it social. Get some friends together and play a game of pick up soccer; ask your best friend to go for a walk or run; or ask your roommate to go to yoga with you.

3. Spread your activity out
It may be hard to carve out enough time for physical activity every day, but the Canadian Government recommends that adults between 18 and 64 have 2.5 hours per week of physical activity. They recommend focusing on moderate to vigorous activity that can be broken down into sessions of 10 minutes or more. This is great for those hectic days. A little bit of exercise each day will help you feel refreshed and energized, and is a good reliever of stress.

Plan your time wisely

Image: Cafeteria

As a student, time management is something you have probably heard of before. While it’s probably not feasible to plan out every second of your day, it’s good to be able to look ahead and see what assignments, events and activities you have that are upcoming. Try using a paper calendar or agenda to plan out when your essays, assignments and presentations are due. Also include any events you would like to attend to help keep you organized and timely. You can even colour code your calendar to help distinguish events from assignments, work schedules and other tasks.

Check out your local bookstore, print shop or campus retailer for tools to help keep you organized.

Take time to relax

Many times we get caught in school and work. It’s important for your wellbeing to take a break and have some time to yourself, or to catch up with others. Take a look below for some ways to destress.

Spend time with friends
Take a break by gathering your friends, roommates, and classmates and plan a night where you can spend some time together. Try having a board game night, invite everyone to go bowling or tubing. How about ordering pizza and having a movie night? It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, as long as you take some time to relax, recuperate and have some fun.

If you are not sure what kinds of activities are happening, check out the King’s Events calendar for on campus events, or the London Tourism website for off campus activities.

Pick up the phone
It’s good to pick up the phone and check in with mom, dad, your siblings, or any other friends and relatives you trust. See how their day is going and what’s new with them. They will appreciate it, and enjoy hearing from you.

Do something crafty
Try sketching, painting, baking or a do-it-yourself project. Craft projects are a great way to manage stress, and help positively impact mental health. Have you seen those adult colouring books floating around the bookstore? They are an amazing way to let your mind wonder and take a break from that essay.

Listen to music
Whether you listen to music off a streaming service, from your iPod, on a record player, or simply by turning on the radio, take some time to relax and listen to your favorite music.

Watch a movie, or an episode of your favorite television show
Take a break and watch a movie or television show you have wanted to see. Better yet, get some friends together and have a movie night so everyone can take a well-deserved break. Check out the Cardinal Carter Library for a wide selection of DVDs to rent.

Get enough sleep
The most effective way to ensure you are getting enough sleep, and feel energized when you wake up is to try and go to bed around the same time every night. Try and get between 7-9 hours of sleep to feel the most refreshed.

Check in
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. King’s has a variety of services to help you succeed academically, personally, and professionally. For all the services offered, check out our Support Services page, and The Write Place page.