What is UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan)?

UHIP is basic health care insurance for non-resident students and employees at participating universities. UHIP provides insurance to pay the cost of the hospital and medical services that students or employees and their families might need to maintain their health while in Canada. All international (non-resident) students must have health care insurance while studying in Ontario.

The University will we be aware that you are an International student per your registration and you will be automatically enrolled for UHIP. If you are a Canadian citizen and do not have OHIP coverage you must contact Student Financial Services at King’s University College to request UHIP coverage.

Who is the UHIP insurer?

The UHIP insurer is Cowan/Manulife.

How do I contact Cowan/Manulife?

Email: UHIP.RAMU@cowangroup.ca

Phone: 1-833-377-8447

Cowan/Manulife will send you an email once your UHIP card is ready to download.

Where can I get detailed information about UHIP?

Please visit the UHIP website www.uhip.ca/

Note: UHIP is regulated by the Council of Ontario Universities. It is in effect at all Ontario universities (except the University of Windsor). Universities cannot alter or waive its fees or conditions. Information is subject to change without notice.

DISCLAIMER: Every attempt has been made to ensure the information contained herein is valid at the time of posting. King's University College, however, reserves the right to make changes, corrections and/or improvements at any time and without notice. No clerical or mechanical error made by a University - or any of the parties to the UHIP insurance contract - will invalidate insurance otherwise in force, or continue insurance otherwise terminated under the policy’s term and conditions.

If you have any questions please contact studentfinance@kings.uwo.ca