Exam Accommodations -- Term Tests

There is an online process for requesting to write your tests with accommodations.  This process will be consistent for all courses, including King's, Western, Brescia, Huron, and Online (Distance Studies).  To write your term tests with accommodations, you must submit your request at least 10 days prior to the test date to be guaranteed accommodations.

Please notify your Accessibility Counsellor if you add or drop a course.
Step 1: Sign In
Step 2: Submit Request
  • Select the course in which you have a test from the drop-down menu, and follow the provided instructions.
Step 3: Confirm Test Time and Location
  • Confirm your test start time and location by accessing the Examination Services and Accessibility Services Login page 7 days prior to the date of your test.
  • On the date of your test, arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled test start time at the appropriate location, and bring your Western ONECard for identification purposes
December and April Exams

December and April exams that are scheduled through Office of the Registrar will be treated differently than your term tests.  You will receive an email from Accommodated Exams at Western to your Western account directing you to the Examination Services and Accessibility Services Login page.

Please note that the 10 day deadline no longer applies, however, the way in which you request your exams and the method of confirming their time and location will be the same as above.

Other Helpful Information
  1. Make-up exams require the approval of an Academic Counsellor.  Please inform the Academic Counsellor that you wish to write with accommodations.
  2. You are welcome to email acsd.exams@kings.uwo.ca if there are questions regarding the exam request process.
  3. Notify your Accessibility Counsellor if you have added a course.  If you do not notify him/her, you will have difficulty requesting your accommodations for the added course(s).