Access Labs at King’s University College

Accessibility Services at King’s and Western provide a wide variety of assistive technologies to aid students in their academic learning. Among these are the Access Labs at King’s, as well as facilities at Western. For more information about Western Access Labs click here.

King’s Access Labs each contain a computer with:                                                                                                                             
• A text scanner
• Voice recognition software (Dragon NS)
• Text-to-speech software (Kurzweil)
• Writing organization software (Inspiration)
• Screen-magnification software (Zoom-Text)
• Screen-reading software (JAWS)
• Internet Access

The Access Labs can be reserved through the Cardinal Carter Library by students registered with Accessibility Services who have a current access sticker on their student card. To receive an access sticker, assistive technology training, and/or an Access Lab orientation, you will need to meet with the Assistive Technologist.

Please contact your Accessibility Counsellor for information about software training and access to the labs. For more information about library accessibility click here.

Please be advised that Accessibility Services may be required to reserve the labs for examinations for students requiring accommodations. In this event, Accessibility Services' reserves the right to cancel a student reservation. Students will be notified if changes are made.

To schedule an appointment with the Assistive Technologist, please contact Accessibility, Counselling & Student Development at 519-433-3491 ext. 4321 or toll free 1-800-265-4406 ext. 4321.