Life After King’s Mentoring Program

The Life After King’s Mentoring Program aims to connect alumni with students and alumni who are interested in career exploration. This service provides an informal opportunity to connect with alumni who are established in their field. These mentors are able to provide advice on a range of topics whether you are entering the workforce, or looking for insight on a career transition. 

The Value of Mentorship

Mentorship offers an opportunity for students and alumni to explore potential career paths and begin to develop their professional networks. Participants will benefit from the experience of alumni who have already encountered the same challenges that all young professionals face. Many of the skills necessary to succeed in the professional world can best be learned through practical experience; mentoring provides an ideal opportunity to develop business acumen. Regardless of your stage of career readiness, mentorship is a valuable learning experience and a proactive opportunity for discovery and exploration.

Featured Testimonial

"For me it was very eye opening to speak with an established professional in my desired career field to hear how they got to where they are, develop a better understanding of the career itself and get their insights on how to navigate the industry as a whole. I’ve made what I feel will be a lasting professional relationship and contact who will be there to guide me through my future career. I’d definitely recommend the King’s Alumni Mentoring Program to all King’s students whether you may not be sure how to enter your chosen field or are interested in learning more about a particular career. It requires very little effort on the students’ part and can only be beneficial to your future career outlook."

- Jeremy Santucci, Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies '12

The Mentorship Process

The Alumni Association maintains a list of mentors and will determine a mentorship match based upon your specified career interests. Once a match has been determined, the Alumni Association will reach out to the mentor, and provide you with their contact information so you may arrange a meeting. The program is informal and can range from one meeting over coffee to several planned meetings over a specified period of time. Students and alumni who are interested in a mentorship opportunity, or alumni who would like to serve as mentors should contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at

Mentees - Please include the following information in your email:

  • Graduation year (if applicable) and program of study
  • Desired field/position of alumni contact
  • Current city of residence

Mentors - Please include the following information in your email:

  • Program of study
  • Current industry and position
  • Current city of residence
  • General range of topics you are comfortable speaking out

Additional Career Services

King's alumni have access to a variety of career building tools through both King's Career Services, and Western's Student Success Center. For a complete listing of these services, please visit the links below. In addition, the King's Alumni Association welcomes alumni to join current students at departmental career seminars and to attend our networking events throughout the year. For upcoming event information visit: