Dr. Matthew Yeager

Dr. Matthew Yeager

Associate Professor

Office: FB209

Phone: 4549

E-mail: myeager@uwo.ca

Website: http://yeager.kingsfaculty.ca/

Ph.D. -  Carleton University,  Ottawa,  Canada
M.A.  -  State University of New York at Albany
B.A.   -  University of California at Berkeley

Research Interests:

I have a lengthy background in criminology, penology, and sociology -- with diverse interests in sentencing and parole, corrections, deviance, critical criminology,  convict criminology, dangerousness, crimes of the powerful, and political economy.

Courses Taught
Selected Publications:

Yeager, Matthew G. and Jade Smith (2017) “Global Pollution, Multinational Oil Companies and State Power: The Case of Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corporation” in Environmental Crime in Latin America edited by D. Goyes, H. Mol, A. Brisman and N. South (London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.117-140). 

Yeager, Matthew G. & William Calathes, “Sweetheart Settlements, the Financial Crisis, and Impunity: A Case Study of SEC v. Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.” Social Justice 42 (2015): 53-69, No. 1.

Yeager, Matthew G. “On the Importance of being John Landesco,”   Trends in Organized Crime.  18 (2015): 143-156, Nos. 1-2. 

Yeager, Matthew G., "From a Convict's Eyes: Criminology from the Street," Foreword in C.W. Michael, The Criminal's Handbook: A Practical Guide to Surviving Arrest and Incarceration in Canada (London, Ontario: Insomniac Press, 2012, pp. 7-13, 331-333).

Yeager, Matthew G., "Securities Fraud, Goldman Sachs, and Critical Criminology USA" in CrimeTalk accessed at www.crimetalk.org.uk/index.php?limitstart=10. September 5, 2012.

Yeager, Matthew G., “The Freedom of Information Act as a Methodological Tool,” and "Still at  It: An Epilogue" in BROKERING ACCESS, edited by Mike Larsen & Kevin Walby (Vancouver, UBC Press, 2012, Chapter 6, pp.169-193).

Yeager, Matthew G., “The CIA made me do it: Understanding the Political Economy of Corruption in Kazakhstan” Crime, Law and Social Change 57 (May 2012): 441-457, No. 4.

Yeager, Matthew G., “50 Years of Research on Illegal Enterprise: An Interview with Mark Haller” Trends in Organized Crime 15 (Mar. 2012): 1-12, No. 1

Yeager, Matthew G., “Frank Tannenbaum: The Making of a Convict Criminologist” The Prison Journal 91 (June 2011): 177-197, No.2.

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Yeager, Matthew G., “A Partial Test of Life-Course Theory on a Prison Release Cohort” Justice Policy Journal 1 (Fall 2004) No. 3, at www.cjcj.org/uploads/cjcj/documents/yeager.pdf

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