Dr. Don Kerr

Dr. Don Kerr

Full Professor

Office: DL312

Phone: 4438

E-mail: dkerr@uwo.ca

Website: http://dkerr.kingsfaculty.ca
Research Interests:

My research interests fall in the area of social demography. On the population of Canada, my research interests include the following: evolving demographics (fertility, mortality, immigration, aging, family) and implications for social policy in areas such as poverty, health, family, political representation and the environment.


BA, MA - Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
PhD - Western University

Selected Publications:

2017, Don Kerr, Tracy Smith-Carrier, Juyan Wang, Dora Tam and Siu Ming Kwok, Population Aging and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP),  Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 6(4):33-58 .

2017, Tracy Smith-Carrier, Dora Tam, Siu Ming Kwok and Juyan Wang, Vestiges of the medical model: A critical exploration of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) in Ontario, Canada, Disability and Society 32: 1570-1591.

2016.  Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot.  Population Change in Canada.  Toronto: Oxford University Press.

2016. Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot. Indigenous Demography. Chapter 8 In David Long and Olive Patricia Dickason (eds). Visions of the Heart: Issues involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

2016. Don Kerr, Tracy Smith-Carrier, Joseph Michalski and Juyan Wang.  An Overview of Recent Demographic and Economic Trends impacting Low Income and Social Assistance Use in London and Neighbouring CMAs in Southwestern Ontario.  London Poverty Research Center at Kings University College Working Paper. 

2015. Don Kerr. Population Growth, Energy Use and Environmental Impact: Comparing the Canadian and Swedish Record on CO2 Emissions. Canadian Studies in Population 41: 120-143.

2015  Don Kerr and Joseph Michalski. "Family poverty in Canada: correlates, coping strategies and consequences." Pp. 185-207 in Patrizia Albanese and David Cheal (eds.) Canadian Families Today.  3rd Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.