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Cross Culture College hosted by Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan. Study in Japan and earn Western credits.

Available Scholarships. Awards & Bursaries

The following scholarships, awards and bursaries are designated for your program(s) of study. Visit the Scholarship, Awards and Bursary database for more opportunities as well as more information and applications for the following:

  • Academic Award in the MOS Program
  • Al Koop Bursary
  •  John and Kathleen Adams Award
  • Board of Director's Gold Medal for BMOS 4-Year Degree (non-HSP)
  • Board of Director's Gold Medal in the BMOS Honours Program
  • Lynne Cram Student Award in Global Commerce
  • John and Dorothy Cronin Award
  • King's Mathematics Excellence Entrance Scholarship
  • Christina and Harold McCarrey Award
  • John Joseph O'Hare Student Award
  • Michael and Rosemary O'Hare Award
  • George Anthony Williamson Student Award
  • Academic Award in the Economics Program
  • William F. Barnicke Student Award
  • Joseph F. MacDonald Student Award Value
  • Marilyn Campbell Memorial Scholarship
  • CIBC Student Awards in Economics, Business and Mathematics
  • King's Mathematics Excellence Entrance Scholarship
  • David and Linda Ducharme Award
  • Tom and Anne Marie Peirce Award