Dr. Thomas Tieku

Dr. Thomas Tieku

Associate Professor

Office: W251

Phone: 4302

E-mail: ttieku@uwo.ca

Research Interests:

International Negotiation and Mediation; International Organizations and Regional Integration; Global Governance; Multilateral Promotion and Defense of Democracy; Peace and Conflict Studies; and African Politics, especially Africa’s Relations with the West. 


PhD  University of Toronto
MA  Brock University
BA (Hons) University of Ghana, Legon

Courses Taught:

•Politics 1020: Introduction to Politics

•Politics 2225: Developing Countries in Global Politics 

•Politics 3345: International Organization and Law 

Selected Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Peer-Reviewed Monographs

2015       Governing Africa: 3D Analysis of African Union (New York, NY: Roman & Littlefield)

2012       United States of America-Africa Relations in the Age of Obama (Ithaca: IAD, Cornell University)

2011      (with David Francis) African Union in Search of Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi and Comoros, (Addis Ababa:  African Union)


Peer Reviewed Articles

2014       (Guest Editor) Introduction: African Union Peace and Security Architecture,” Journal of African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 4:2.

2014 (with Tanzeel Hakak) “African Union-United Nations Security Cooperation,” Journal of African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 4:2. 

2013       “African Agency via Multilateral Channels: Opportunities and Challenges,” Journal of Conflict, Security and Development 13:5.

2013       “Perks Diplomacy: The Role of Perquisites in Peace Negotiations,” International Negotiation 18:2.

2012       “A Pan-African View of A ‘New’ Agenda for Peace,” International Journal no. 315.  

2010       (with Tom Legler) “What Difference Can a Path Make? Regional Regimes for Democracy Promotion and Defense in the Americas and Africa,” Democratization, 17:3, 2010,

2009   “Multilateralization of Democracy Promotion and Defense in Africa,” Africa Today, 56:2


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

2014       “Theoretical Approaches to Africa’s International Relations” in Tim Murithi (ed.), A Handbook of Africa’s International Relations (Routledge)

2013       “African Union: From Federalism to Fantasy Union” in John Loughlin, John Kincaid, Wilfried Swenden (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Regionalism and Federalism (Routledge)

2013       “Pan-Africanization of Human Security,” in Mary Martin and Taylor Owen (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Human Security (Routledge)

2013        “African Union” in Jane Boulden (ed.), Responding to Conflict in Africa: The United Nations and Regional Organizations (Palgrave Macmillan)

2013       “The Role of the African Union in Post-War Reconstruction,” Dick Simpson, Cassandra Veney and Paul Zeleza (eds.), Development and Democracy in Post-War African Nations, (Lexington Books)

2011       (with Andrew Grant) “New Regionalisms and the African Union: Reflections on the Rise of Africrats, Regional Economic Integration, and Inter-Regional Relations,” in Brian McKercher  (ed), Handbook on Diplomacy and Statecraft (Routledge)

2011       “Africa’s Collectivist Worldview: Its Challenge to International Relations,” in Cornelissen Scarlett, Kevin Dunne, and Tim Shaw (eds.), Africa’s Challenge to Global Studies, (Palgrave Macmillan)

2011       “The evolution and role of AU Commission and Africrats: Drivers of Africa’s regionalism,” in Andrew Grant, Cornelissen Scarlett, and Tim Shaw (eds.), The Research Companion to Regionalisms (Ashgate)

2009       “African Union & US Strategic Interests in Africa” in David Francis (ed.), African Security & US Strategic Interests in Africa, (Routledge)